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KAMINE PARK (Hitachi City) 

September, 2010
Outline of the Park 
 The park was opened in 1957. It is located on a hill at the north of city center. We have a wonderful panoramic view from the observatory which is at the top of the park. The Pacific Ocean is wide open to the east. The Big Stack of the Hitachi Copper Mine which was the origin of Hitachi city, Kamine Mountain and Takasuzu Mountain are seen to the west. The central downtown and factories of Hitachi, Ltd. are wide open to the south. To the north, factories of Hitachi Cable, Ltd. and a rias coastline are seen clearly. Thus we can enjoy main views of the city at this point.
 In and around the park, there are many leisure facilities such as play field and zoo are open to people for relaxation. The hill with sharp slopes makes walking a little hard, but a free bus ride  in the park is available on weekends.
South view: central part of the city

North view

Cherry Blossoms
 Hitachi city is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms. Kamine Park is the typical site for cherry blossoms like as Heiwa Street which runs in the center of the city.
 About 1000 trees of 23 blossom varieties are seen at the park. They were donated by the citizens. Six varieties of Yae, double cherry-blossoms, are beautiful in April around the parking lot at the top of the hill. We can also enjoy the beautiful view of full bloom at the central part of the city. 

Amusement park

Yae cherry blossom( kanzan ) 
 Summer Nights
 Lanterns (andon) light up the whole park for an event held at hot summer nights from late July to the end of August. Lanterns are supplied by citizens. They are products of children and adults of many groups. On the weekends zoo is open at night and we can watch how animals are doing after dark.
Views of the central city from the observatory at the top and open space of lawn at nights are especially fine.
Karaoke festival at night at the park attracts many song lovers and it is very hard to find parking space on the hill.

Lantern festival 

View of the central part of the city
(top left: fireworks at Kawarago)

 Facilities in and around the Park
Amusement park
 At the leisure park in front of the entrance to the zoo ferris wheels , trains, merry-go-rounds, and rotating see-saw are operated busily to entertain small children.
Kamine Leisure Land
 We can enjoy views at high positions from jet-coasters and ferris wheels in front of parking space at the hill top.
Amusement park
Kamine Leisure Land
Kamine Zoo
 View of the Pacific Ocean and cherry blossoms in the spring are special attraction of the zoo which claims the best zoo in the northern Kanto. 70 species and 480 animals welcome the visitors. They can touch some animals by hands.
  Web address : Kamine Zoo:

Yoshida Tadashi Memorial Museum of Music
 It is the memorial museum for Mr. Tadashi Yoshida, one of the best composers of popular songs in the Showa era in Japan. Music players entertain us with all his melodies.
   Web address : Yoshida Tadashi Memorial Museum of Music:
Kamine Zoo

Yoshida Tadashi Memorial Museum of Music 
The Hitachi City Museum
 Historical and folk exhibits are available at the museum. We can also see exhibits of Hitachi Furyumono and its related objects.
  web address : The Hitachi City Museum

Kamine Swimming Pool
 Indoor warm pool is open all seasons and outdoor pool only in summer.

Horizon Kamine  l
 Baths for ladies and men (with sauna), big hall( 52 tatami mats), training rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, and study rooms.

Hitachi City Museum
Horizon Kamine and Swimming pool
  Location: 5 chome, Miyata-cho, Hitachi City
  Guide to cars: 5 minutes to the east from Hitachi Central I.C. of Joban High Way
  JR: 4 km from Hitachi Station, by bus or taxi
  Parking spaces (three places): 670 cars

Contact to:
  City Adjustment Section, Hitachi City Office
  Tel: 0294(23)3111, Ext. 265
  web address : Kamine Park

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